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71200 - Technical testing and analysis

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 71200

- Water measuring related to cleanness
- Sworn timber measurer
- Strength and failure testing
- Ships certification
- Ship surveyor
- Road safety testing of motor vehicles
- Radiographic testing of welds and joints
- Radioactivity measuring
- Quality control
- Public analyst
- Pressurised containers certification
- Sworn weigher
- Technical and non destructive testing services
- Timber measurer
- Testing or analysing laboratory
- Testing of physical characteristics and performance of materials
- Testing of composition and purity of minerals
- Testing of calculations for building elements
- Testing and measuring of environmental indicators: air and water pollution
- Technical testing of lifting and handling equipment
- Technical testing of bridges and other engineering structures
- Technical inspection services of buildings
- Technical automobile inspection activities
- Pollution measuring
- Police laboratories
- Pipeline and ancillary equipment testing activities
- Food hygiene testing activities
- Electrophoresis
- Composition and purity testing and analysis
- Chemist
- Bacteriologist (non medical)
- Assay office
- Analytical chemist
- Aircraft certification
- Air measuring related to cleanness
- Agricultural grain electrophoresis
- Integrated mechanical and electrical system testing and analysis
- Leak testing and flow monitoring activities
- Physicist
- Performance testing of complete machinery
- Nuclear plant certification
- Motor vehicles certification
- MOT testing station
- Metallurgist (private practice)
- Marine surveyor
- Marine insurance survey activities
- Marine cargo surveyor
- Lloyds Register of Shipping
- Acoustics and vibration testing
- Technical testing and analysis